Director ACCMYS1

Syafiq Aidil Law

The Director is responsible in managing the vACC. They oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure the vACC runs smoothly.

Deputy Director ACCMYS2

Hoo Jiong Sheng

The Deputy Director is responsible in assisting the Director on managing the vACC. He or She has the similar privileges as the Director.

Training Director ACCMYS3

Prestley Shim

The Training Director works with the Director to build training programs, establish training procedures and recommends Instructors and Mentors.

Membership Director ACCMYS4


The Membership Director is responsible in managing the current members and new applications to the vACC.

Events Director ACCMYS 6

Hariz Azizan

The Events Director is reponsible for the creation, planning, advertising, and coordination of events with other vACCs.

Deputy Training Director ACCMYS5

Stevie Trin

The Deputy Training Director assists the Training Director with trainings and acts as the Training Director when necessary.

Public Relations Director ACCMYS8

Sulaiyman Fauzi

The Public Relations Director is responsible for all external communication, managing social media and partnerships.

Deputy Events Director ACCMYS7

Ikram Abas

The Deputy Events Director assists the Events Director with events and acts as the Events Director when necessary.