Become an ATC

Last Updated : 1st May 2023 

Resident Controller

Intake status : CLOSED 

Visiting Controller

Intake status : CLOSED

Basic Requirements

Application Process


All applications will be processed through the VATSEA HQ ticketing system. To apply, kindly do the following:

  1. When clicking on ‘Apply’ below, you will be prompted to log in to VATSIM Southeast Asia HQ with your VATSIM CID.

  2. Create a support ticket directed to ‘Malaysia vACC Staff’.

  3. If your home region is VATSIM Southeast Asia / Malaysia vACC and have no prior experience as VATSIM ATC, you are applying to become a RESIDENT CONTROLLER.  If your home vACC is elsewhere and you already have experience as VATSIM ATC, you are applying to become a VISITING CONTROLLER. (If you wish to change your region, do so at  

  4. Write a ticket according to your controller status…

If you are applying as a RESIDENT CONTROLLER...

If you are applying as a VISITING CONTROLLER...

Please note that your application acceptance is subjected to vACC Staff screening, as well as mentor and instructor availability. Any applications submitted when the intake status is not open will not be entertained and will be closed immediately. Take note that all applicants shall ensure their home region is VATSIM Asia Pacific and home division is VATSIM Southeast Asia prior to applying as a Resident Controller.