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Basic Requirements

Can speak good English

Have a good personality

Know how things in VATSIM works

Able to respect to other people

Good with multitasking

Have a working microphone

Able to handle conflicts

Able to give long term commitment

Application Process

All application will be processed through the VATSEA HQ ticketing system. To apply, please login into the system and create a support ticket directed to ‘Malaysia vACC Staff’. Below are the required information that you will need to include in the ticket. Please note that your application acceptance is subjected to vACC Staff screening, as well as mentor and instructor availability. Any applications submitted when the intake status is not open will not be entertained and will be closed immediately. 

Resident Controller

Intake status : CLOSED
Ticket Subject : Resident Controller Application

Visiting Controller

Intake status : CLOSED
Ticket Subject : Visiting Controller Application