Before we move on any further, we would like to have the honour to welcome you to the VATSIM network. As an aviation enthusiast, VATSIM is the right place for you to expand your flight simulator hobby. The pilot and ATC interaction on the network will add more realism to your simulation experience. Other than that, flying together with your friends is the best way to ease up your stress after a long week.

Now let’s get started shall we?

First things first, rules. Yes, even VATSIM has its own set of rules which everyone is required to abide by. But no worries, it will not spoil the fun of flying. The purpose of the rule is to provide a conducive flying environment for you and other pilots. To avoid risking your VATSIM account from being suspended, it is important that you have read and fully understand the content of the documents below:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Code of Regulations
  3. User Agreement

Next, It is time for you to register for a VATSIM account if you haven’t done so. You will receive and email containing your username and password. Your username will consist of a few numerical digits while your password will contain mixtures of numbers and letters. Be sure to copy them somewhere and never share it to anyone else.

Register Now!

Now, you will need a software (VATSIM client) to connect your flight simulator to the network. There are several softwares available but for this guide, we will use vPilot as it is the easiest one to use.

Download vPilot

Once you have downloaded vPilot, be sure to install it as an administrator otherwise you will have a problem with the software later on. Once you are done installing it, be sure to run the application as administrator. You should have your flight simulator running then only you’ll see a status message ‘Connected to Flight Simulator’ in vPilot.

Before you connect to the network, you will need to setup the VPilot software first in order to have the best experience online. It is recommended for you to have a working microphone to communicate with air traffic controller.

Once your vPilot is ready, click 'connect' and fill in the necessary information. Congratulations, you are now connected to the VATSIM network!

Below is a full tutorial video on how to install and cofigure vPilot

If this your first time connecting to VATSIM and you know nothing about flying online, here is some quick tips to help you out:

  • Never connect at the middle of the runway. Always start at the gate.
  • Do not leave your cockpit for more than 30 minutes. If a supervisor catches you being unresponsive, your account might get suspended.
  • If ATC is available and within range, contact him/her and request clearance for whatever it is that you want to do.
  • Always read-back everything the ATC say to you. Yes, everything.
  • Use the Unicom channel on 122.800 to notify your actions to other pilots when no ATC is available.
  • Be respectful to other people in the network.
  • Do not transmit your voice when someone else is transmitting. Be fair to others and wait for your turn to transmit.
  • Last but not least, Have fun!

If you need more help with the procedure when dealing with ATC, we have a guide that will help you with that. You may download the guide below.


Now that you have everything that you need, you are ready to fly online in the VATSIM network. We look forward in seeing you in the network especially in the Malaysian skies. If you have any problems or enquiry, drop us a message down below or through the VATSEA’s help desk website by clicking ‘contact us’ on our homepage. We will try our best to assist you as soon as we can


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