Please read through the following guide on how to apply as a local air traffic controller in MYvACC. Be sure that you have met all our requirements in order to avoid any complications during your application.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about aviation especially on the air traffic controller side of it. The role of a virtual ATC is fairly simple, but it requires a highly skilled person to handle the heavy workload that may arise from time to time.

Below are the requirements set by VATSIM Malaysia vACC for new local controller applicant:

  1. Have basic knowledge on how things work in the VATSIM network including the rules and procedures when dealing with ATC as a pilot.
  2. Can speak good English
  3. Have a good personality and able to deal with other people easily.
  4. Able to handle conflicts in a calm and professional manner.
  5. Fully committed into joining us in a long term period, not just for a month or a year.
  6. Have a working microphone.
  7. Able to show respect to other controllers and pilots.
  8. Able to maintain high level of professionalism on the network.
  9. Able to multitask.

Once you have submitted your application to us, we will review it and contact you via e-mail to let you know the result of your application. If your application is rejected, it does not mean that you would not be able to ever join us as an ATC. You may submit your application again after 3 months’ time (90 days). Please do not spam as because if you do, your ID will be blacklisted by us.

Should your application be accepted, you will receive an email which will detail the next steps of your journey with us. The mail will include contact details of an assigned mentor who will guide you further. You will be required to take an online exam to acquire your S1 controller’s rating before you can proceed with your training on the scope.

Do take note that your application is subjected to mentor and instructor availability. You may check the status of new controller application intake on our homepage. If you have any enquiry, you may contact us by creating a support ticket through the VATSEA helpdesk website.

Please ensure that your VATSIM account is registered to the VATASIA region, VATSEA division.You may check your region and division from this link here. If your region or division is other than VATSEA, please change it before applying otherwise your application will not be processed.

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